About Us

IAORANA JEWELLERY is an Australian Jewellery Brand founded by Camille in Perth in 2023. 

Ia Orana Jewellery About Us

I'm Camille, the creative mind behind Ia Orana Jewellery, a brand fueled by my love for Tahitian pearls. Inspired by the few months living in this paradis, I set myself apart by transforming the traditional perception of Tahitian Pearls as symbols of luxury and austerity. My mission with my brand is to create chic and trendy vibes, offering a fresh and fashionable approach to showcase the beauty of Tahitian Pearls. And since each pearl is shaped by nature, every handcrafted jewel is inherently inique. I am passionated about playing with pearls nuances, shapes and sizes. 

At our place, you won't come across pearls that come with exorbitant price tags, the kind typically seen in high-end jewelry stores. Instead, you'll find pearls with subtle imperfections that in no way diminish their beauty, much like the contemporary woman herself :)

Come and say Hi at the markets around Perth 😃

Thanks for supporting a small business ♡